Experiencing TUKZ with Fine Dining Uniforms


Worried about shirt tucking out? A stylish Tukz™ underwear provides the right solution to its wearer by ensuring shirt tucked in throughout the busy day of serving diners. There are many ways to give a relaxed and fine dining experience to the diners instead of a casual one. Uniforms are one of the best way to communicate a projected image. Business image can definitely be improved by selecting the perfect uniform for the greeting and serving staff. This will also enhance the decoration and keep the staff highly motivated.

experiencing tukz 2

A wide range of casual to high end banquet and dining uniforms are available in the market. The functionality and style of appearance can be custom built as per requirement. The uniform range may include camp shirt, knits shirt, fancy urban shirts, steward jackets, tuxedo jackets and banquet jackets. Some other options of fine dining and banquet uniforms include etons with satin covered buttons and satin lapels, shirts and coats (with a number of collar styles such as, mandarin collar, shawl collar, contoured structure collar, banded collar, standing collar, collarless and point dress collar), shorts, pants and aprons (in long, short, V-neck, bib and waist styles, without or with pockets).




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