Tukz™ provides comfort wearing any type of Uniform Material


Stay confident in your dining uniform with Tukz™, a professional and stylish underwear which comfortable keeps your shirt tucked in all day long. Tukz™ is a perfect shapewear which gives you a polished and clean look.

Although cotton isn’t durable but still it’s the most comfortable uniform material for wearing. Cotton made uniforms can be easily washed at real high temperatures. This ensures proper removal of viruses and bacteria found on the uniform. This is quite significant while dealing with food. Synthetic made uniforms last for long, require the usage of sterilizer and can be washed at low temperature. They are a bit more expensive than uniforms made from other material. As compared to cotton, synthetic uniforms are available in a variety of patterns and colors.


The material of restaurant uniforms is usually resistant to stains. Actually, these materials do not leak liquid or water. The dining uniforms are comfortable to wear and can be washed easily. The dining uniforms are mostly made of stain resistant material. Uniform manufacturers with their specialized business can specify the restaurant’s needs in order to achieve target uniform. Producers of uniforms specialize their business according to specific needs of restaurant industry in order to gain the targeted market so today you may choose from wide range of different kind of restaurant uniforms. Dining staff uniform should be sporty and elegant.


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