Modern dining dress code includes TUKZ


modern dining 2Black and white dining uniforms are a thing of old age. Today’s staff dress code is different and includes Tukz™ underwear giving a comfortable feeling to the wearer. Tukz™ is a stylish and professional shapewear which keeps dining shirt tucked in all day long.

Dining staff uniform code has changed significantly over time. White shirt, a bow tie and black pants have long been synonyms for dining staff. But the current material is more comfortable and of better quality. There are some old school hotel and restaurant owners who strictly follow the old black and white dress code and seems difficult to adopt any change.

Dining staff dress code has become more interesting, softer and also more casual with the passage of time. It is highly significant to build your own unique image in order to exist in the current scenario of tough competition. The visual identity is one of the big factors and plays a big role in giving a stylish look to the dining staff. Definitely, well-chosen uniform codes and their style will contribute to differentiate a restaurant from its competitors. It’s highly important that the staff, which isn’t in contact directly with the diners, should also wear a unique and clean wardrobe along with Tukz™.


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