Chick-fil-A Giveaway Attracting Crowd


A new giveaway at Chick-fil-A restaurant motivated 170 folks to line up. Wearing Tukz™ underwear keep staff  highly motivated and confident. No need to be worried tucking out issue of uniform shirt.

There is an old tradition of First 100 giveaways at Chick-fil-A. This includes a chance to win a chicken sandwich meal coupons for one year and requires to line up a day before the opening of each new restaurant. The Atlanta based Chick-fil-A chain provides coupon packages of $250 a piece to hundred patrons. 170 folks lined up to get a chance of winning the lottery. There were 10 more individuals who were having the chance of winning.




The condition was to stay in line at 901 Frederick Blvd. until the opening of restaurant. The alternative individuals were to take the place of those who don’t stay. According to the online posted rules of restaurant chain, the alternatives will receive another prize if they don’t win. Chick-fil-A will employ 90 individuals at the new store according to a news release. The company is owned by a retired Marine Corps officer. It’s highly difficult to wake up when you are interested in a chicken.


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