Best dressed waiters in Your Favorite Restaurant


The most stylish dinning staff in your favorite restaurant love to wear Tukz™ underwear which comfortably give them a polished and neat appearance by keeping their shirts tucked in all day long. Egg in Knightsbridge is a shop responsible for producing spring uniforms. This shop is owned by a chef, Skye Gyngell. He has a friendly relation with Maureen Doherty. Usually, Uniforms have attractive standards. They are either bespoke or catalogue.

Everything in the Uniform project is designed by the younger staff with great passion and affection. The dinning staff has different positions based on their duties such as, bending, carrying different techniques, etc. The project of uniform making includes cooperative process and took about one year to achieve perfection. A large investment is done for this dinning uniform project.


The colors introduced at spring are simple, clean palette and a bit flashy. The waiter serving or the hostess seating people appear in green, yellow or cerise color. Things on the uniform are uplifted by decorating the rest in a controlled manner. Another traditional element is the waist coat. But it’s not cinch backed or ghastly claret red like in a national house hotel.

Experience Tukz™, experience perfection.


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